What does No Gluten Really Mean?


There has been plenty of times when I was eating a snack or a meal that was labeled “gluten free” only to get sick afterwards. This had me thinking, how can I be sure. The problem here is, you can’t. Unless you prepare it yourself in your kitchen with items you grew yourself, there is no guarantee. 

The disclaimer most products use is that they are allowed a small portion of gluten and they can still label the item “gluten free.”

That’s great but what about people like me? I am allergic to gluten and even a small amount can cause a reaction. This is not fair. Maybe but it is what it is. If you want to enjoy that product that has been mass produced and may contain that little portion, you are willing to take that risk. 


So, I have been doing some research. This was brought on by a recent bout of abdominal pains and heart burn. I must admit, I have slipped and eaten things that I KNOW I must stay away from. However, this time I have been good. So why am I having symptoms? Headaches, breakouts, cramps, they have all been present. 

I found this article about Lectins. Turns out there is SOOOOO much more to this gluten thing. I was simply focusing on gluten but there may be more to it. I have been eating beans as well as cheese and both of them are listed as a food on the lectin list that some us us should avoid. They say people who believe they have a gluten intolerance may actually have a lectin intolerance. Now the thing here is things you would avoid with gluten are still part of the lectin list. So you may experience some relief but still have occasional symptoms. WHAT? 

By the time it is all said and done I will not be able to eat anything. The link above will take you to an article I was reading that explains this a little better. Enjoy. Good luck.

Critical Vitamins to Boost When You Are Gluten Free


Taking it to the next level

I have not been present much lately. I have been researching the possibility of taking Gluten Anonymous to the next level. Deli, Restaurants, goods for sale, including the baskets I have started making for new gluten free people. The baskets includes items like stomach antacids, lists of gluten free products and even lists of gluten sensitivity symptoms as well as other items. I am currently working on my business plan and will be moving forward. I intend to continue the blog here, sharing my steps and processes as I go. If I can help even 1 individual who may be experiencing the things I have, it will all be worth it.